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Hi, my name is Vera, so awesome you’re here!

I just love meeting great new people like you online 🙂

But one thing I miss quite a lot from the offline world.

There, I open the door, shake hands and chat with everyone visiting my place. Just a few minutes and I know what situation that visitor/friend is in.

It’s pretty hard to have that first conversation in a virtual place like a blog.

I know, my Get Started page can not replace a first face-to-face chat.

But it hopefully covers most of the initial questions you probably would have asked me in our first talk.

So just take it as your shortcut to finding out if this blog offers what you’re searching for!


Who is Entrepreneurs Unstuck for?

Entrepreneurs Unstuck is all about what works (and what doesn’t) to build a successful and smoothly run blogging business.

Maybe this visit is one of your last attempts to make that online thing work (after you have tried dozens of things all not working out).

Maybe your decision to have a go online is all fresh and new, and you feel overwhelmed by all the information you find and don’t know where and how to start.

Or maybe you already gain good traction but don’t know how to take your business to the next level.

Whatever trouble it is, you can get beyond that.

Don’t worry; I’m not a high-toned guru to say that.

Rather than that, I’m a survivor.

A survivor of almost all the traps and circuits an aspiring blogger can possibly go through.

And believe it or not, today I’m happy my way into online business was paved with struggles.

Because all these first-hand losses helped me to finally see through the failure that hits more than 95% of bloggers hard.


What’s the secret of success?

Learning new things is great.

Learning a whole profession that’s entirely new to us is even greater.

But while we absorb something new, some vital things often fall by the wayside.

We are in tunnel vision mode to gain as much expertise as possible in that specific new profession.

But learning the hard skills is only one part of your success story.

The other mostly overseen parts are your soft skills that include mental skills and your execution abilities.

Yes, we simply forget to adjust our mindset and execution skills to our new career.

The challenges of a self-employed life ask for different behavior and habits than you used to have in your employed life.

The remote working life of a digital entrepreneur challenges your mindset and your execution in a different way than a brick-and-mortar business life.

It’s sad but true: Only the fewest are natural-born entrepreneurs with the right mentality and action settings in place.

As a result, entrepreneurs supercharged with hard skills fail in the lack of proper soft skills.

I created Entrepreneurs Unstuck to give you top-notch resources covering both – the hard blogging skills and the killing soft skills we tend to underestimate in our business.


Why it always takes the three of you!

Not another success formula, I hear you say!

Yes, one could say we are overexposed to success recipes in these days, especially in our industry.

But still, a few formulas had huge impact on my progress.

One of them I want to share with you to take along for all your endeavors.

It evolved throughout my online journey and still helps me to get back on track whenever I get stuck.

I call it the 3-H-Principle:

(1) Head – your know-how department
(2) Heart – your mindset department
(3) Hands – your execution department

All these 3 parts of you, your head, your heart and your hands always need to be highly involved and perform great in all your business activities.

Again, most of us fail, because they only take care of their heads and forget to pep up the performance of their hearts and hands.


Resources to set up your 3 H’s

All the content here at Entrepreneurs Unstuck covers topics that “feed” one or more of your 3 departments.

For those, who want to get straight into the nitty-gritty of building a successful blogging business, I recommend to visit my resources page (update coming soon) where you find:

  • the best mentors to follow
  • the best resources to learn the hard and soft stuff from
  • the best tools to make your hands work most effective

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It helps to eliminate some typical misconceptions our mindset likes to create to sabotage our progress.

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