Hi, I’m Vera Kuhr and I’m the founder of EntrepreneursUnstuck.com.

How does your blogging life treat you so far?

Blogging has truly turned into a mass movement. The actual successful bloggers, though, are no masses at all.

Only the fewest manage to make a living or more from their digital entrepreneurship.

Only the fewest can make the shift from dreaming about the entrepreneurial lifestyle to finally living it.

How I Make Money From BloggingAre the failing masses not smart enough, are they not working hard enough?

No, either way.

Failure is a sneaky thing.

It hides in places we don’t search for it.

We search it in the hard skill section, while it hides in the soft skill section.

Yepp, it’s not the blogging expertise we fail at, it’s our mindset that often hinders us in executing that knowledge in a proper way.

The final director behind our success or failure is our mindset. Our way of thinking, feeling and doing determines our performance and the outcome of our behavior.

That’s why Entrepreneurs Unstuck is not only providing blogging skills but also all the skills you need to UP your mindset.

When I started out online, the fact that most bloggers fail for inappropriate mindset reasons was completely out of my sight. I dived into this exciting business and found myself completely sucked into the whirlpool of failing masses months later.

My arrogant me needed all the struggles to finally realize it was me and not the wrong training, mentors, tools, weather, tea, etc. causing the trouble (read my full story here).

Truly, it was not at all charming to detect my mindset as the ultimate party pooper. But, that very moment of self-reflection marked the point where I escaped the whirlpool.

Today, I am happy to help bloggers overcoming (or leaving out) the circuits I took. I just love to be the cheerleader in people’s minds!

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